November 16, 2009 Ration

I Kings 17:3-4

“Depart from here and turn eastward and hide yourself by the brook Cherith, which is east of the Jordan. You shall drink from the brook, and I have commanded the ravens to feed you there.”

“There” is the place of special grace. “There,” for this season, was by the brook Cherith. The Lord’s special provision for Elijah was going to be “there” by the brook, not just anywhere.

Wherever the Lord intends to pour out His grace for you, artist, is where you must be. You need to be “there,” and nowhere else. If His grace for you is in the lush forest, then you must be “there”. If His grace for you is in the desert, then you must be “there”. When the Lord intends to pour out His provision for you through other men, you must be “there”. When the Lord intends to deliver His provision for you through ravens, you must be “there”. When the Lord decides to move the venue of the outpouring of His grace, then you must go “there”.

The river Jordan was larger than the brook Cherith, but the special grace for Elijah was not at the Jordan river. The grace for Elijah would come where the Lord said it would be given. Let’s be careful, artists, that we are not distracted by grandeur, causing us to miss out on the place of grace. The grand Jordan was surely the Lord’s creation too. But this time, for this person, the hiding nook by the brook was where the Lord would provide.

Artists, do you want to be under the Lord’s grace? Do you want to know the Lord’s special grace no matter where He intends to give it? Or, do you find yourself telling the Lord where and how He should be gracious to you. Asking for grace where you are at is not the same as telling the Lord to be gracious to you where you want to be. The Lord has reasons for saying things like, “…I have commanded the ravens to feed you there.” If the Lord intends to provide by ravens, He could have commanded them to fly anywhere. But He commanded them to bring bread and meat “there”, by the brook Cherith. There are things that will work for Elijah’s good by faithfully hiding at the brook for a season, just as there were things that would work for Elijah’s good by being faithfully bold before king Ahab.

Just as the Lord made Elijah and had him play the role of the prophet, the Lord has made you and has given you a particular role to play. Each one of us must be faithful in our role, which is not to be mistaken for the role that we assume for ourselves, or for the role that the market wants us to play. The Lord has assigned us each a role and has equiped us to faithfully play it. We must, then, faithfully play it. Jehovah-jireh will be faithful to us in His role as our provider. Many are His means.

Artists, fear no king, and fear no mission. But fear and enjoy the Lord’s charge and provision. It is “there” that you will see the special graces.

Jason Harms


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