May 11, 2009 Ration

Deuteronomy 5:29

“Oh that they had such a mind as this always, to fear Me and to keep all My commandments, that it might go well with them and with their descendants forever!”

Oh that we would have such a mind as this ALWAYS in the arts.

The Hebrews told Moses, “Go near and hear all that the Lord our God will say and speak to us all that the Lord our God will speak to you, and we will hear and do it” (5:27). That mind, a mind that fears the Lord such that it wants to hear all that the Lord says, and a mind that sets itself to do all that the Lord commands is the kind of mind that we need. Oh that we had such a mind as this: to fear and to keep. Oh that we had such a mind as this always.

But the reason we do not always have this mind is because we have such little knowledge, such little understanding, such little affection, such little fear, such little reverence, such little love and enjoyment of God. This proves how little we truly know Him. If we truly knew God we could only love Him! What artist can be compared to God? And if we truly loved Him we would keep His commandments (John 14:15). Our actions (our works) will evidence our faith and our love.

Artists, it may be that we are still ignorant of the correlation between what is pleasurable in this life and how it came to be so. Thus, a weak mind. All things exist because God brought them into being (John 1:3). Do you take pleasure in various sounds, various colors, various aromas, various emotions, various exertions, various collections and mixtures of matter? They all work for your pleasure as they do because God, their Author, drafted them to be pleasing to your frame. But where we are ignorant of this design and intent of God, we will enjoy what God has made enjoyable according to the nature of our sinful flesh. It is natural to take enjoyment, and it is absolutely natural to serve our flesh, and the natural result is to exchange the glory of the Creator for the glory of what He created glorious (Romans 1). This naturally, and rightly, results in our exclusion from the purest of pleasures (Genesis 3). God is very good to us when He preserves the riches of His pleasures for our greater enjoyment by refusing to let our foul, selfish hands stir and comb through the depths of His treasury.

However, with a true knowledge of God we do not have to be ignorant, we do not need to forfeit the fullest pleasures. With the fear of the Lord we can supernaturally begin to know and enjoy the pleasures that God enjoys in what He made pleasurable for our frame. So, for our greatest enjoyment in anything we must pursue the full knowledge of God. We must say with the Hebrews, “…hear all that the Lord our God will say and speak to us….”

Artists, oh that we would have this mind ALWAYS: to seek out our Author, to understand His Authorship of what we find pleasurable, to listen to all His words, to do them, to fear Him and to know the satisfaction of such fearing love. If this would be our mind in the arts, and if this would be the true affection of our heart, the Lord tells us here that it is His pleasure that it “go well with [us] and with [our] descendants forever!”

Let us fear and enjoy our Author ALWAYS in all that He has given us for our enjoyment in Him. Have such a mind as this, artists.

Jason Harms


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