March 9, 2009 Ration

Psalm 34:8

“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!”

How did you initially enjoy the pleasure of your favorite artist's work? Did you not taste it and see that it was good? Whether someone introduced you to that artist’s work, or whether you happened by it, you tasted it and you saw that this artist was good in what he does.

When you taste such artistic goodness, do you not then want to immerse yourself in the full canon of that artist? When something is very good, we will do all that we can to secure as much of its pleasures for our own enjoyment.

So artists, let us learn from these pleasurable realities of life what they also stand to be parables of: “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!”

Whether you are introduced to a work of God, or whether you happen by it, pick it up and taste it and see if the Lord is not incredibly good. The earth is His and all that it contains (Psalm 24:1). Every man, woman, and child is a creation of God, imaged after Him (Genesis 1:27). It is impossible not to stumble across a work of God.

My direct question is this: When we taste the pleasures in this life (artistic, relational, or creational) do we see how good the Lord is? Do we enjoy the goodness of the Lord when we enjoy the goodness of what He has made “tasteable” to us? Taste and see, artists, the Lord is very good! And blessed is the man who recognizes His goodness in what he tastes.

Naturally we can recognize the goodness of the works of the Lord in the created universe. The created universe is absolutely amazing! But naturally we also desire or even demand to disassociate God from His works. We do not want to recognize or enjoy God in what He has made. We want to taste, but we do not want to see. We would rather attribute God's goodness to anything else but Him. This would never work in the artistic world. We’ve passed many laws to ensure that the correct author gets the correct credit. Yet when it comes to the works of God, we would prefer to not see Him as we taste His works according to our own appetites. We are surely the children of Adam and Eve.

Supernaturally, though, we can be given new eyes to see rightly! Christ is the Light who has come into the world that we might see everything as it truly is – a work of God evidencing the goodness, the greatness, the unparalleled genius and pleasure of God. Have eyes to see God as you taste His works, artists, and put to death the tempter who only wants to rob you of the pleasures of God.

In what God has given you in your artistic skills, inspirations, and opportunities, taste and see the goodness of God. Make your refuge in the Lord Himself, not in the skills He gave you, nor in anything that He brought about through your skills. We are all debtors of His good grace towards us. For what do we have that we have not received? (I Corinthians 4:7). Blessed is the man who takes refuge in God. Just as we must make effort to taste and see, we must make effort to take refuge. The one who abides in the refuge of fellowship with God is the one who is blessed.

Artists, taste the pleasures of the full canon of the works of God, and ask for grace to see the God of the works that we all might better understand the riches of His refuge, and run, and so be blessed.

Jason Harms


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