January 19, 2009 Ration

John 5:44

“How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another and do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?”

It is so easy to make this fatal mistake. We are so hungry for the glory from one another that we are not hungry enough to seek the glory that comes from the only God. And where we do not seek the glory that comes from the only God, we will not see it rightly when He reveals it, if we see it at all. And if we do not see the glory of God when it is shown, how will we believe?

We must seek the glory that comes from God, artists! He is the only God! Art is not God. We are not God. Our artistic brotherhood is not God. All these things are from God and so in measure they reveal a bit of the glory of God. But the portion of glory that can be passed around by them and through them must never be traded for the glory of the One who created them (Romans 1).

When we eat enough at the table of one another’s glory, or at the table of compliments, we disarm the hunter within. He is no longer called upon to look for food. At the same time, we often disarm the sentry without. He proves to be more of an obstacle to the passing glory-givers we hope to receive. To not be hunting and to stop defending is to not be seeking the glory that grants belief!

Artists, glory we must be after! But not our own, and not one another’s. The glory that comes from the only God is what we are made to seek. And to enjoy! Do not be distracted with casual glories, as the devil would hope. They only cultivate eventual unbelief. They distract us from the faith that saves by feeding us a portion that prolongs. The devil knows that we were made to enjoy glory, so he subverts us from the fullness of glory (God Himself) by filling us our fill of the glory of ourselves. So while we are hungry for glory, we never hunger enough to need to seek a glory that will sustain!

How will we then believe? How will we not hear the same rebuke of Jesus to the unbelieving Jews? By the grace of God we will start by arming the hunter within with the charge to search for the glory of the only God, and by arming the sentry without with the charge to let no one in who solicits another glory! The right glory must be sought so that when it is revealed in the face of Christ, we would see, understand, and believe.

Artists, never stop seeking the glory of the only God! And let us abandon immediately the glorification of one another that would work for our unbelief. The glory of God in His creature is the chassis by which we are to enjoy each other. But as soon as we stop seeking the glory of God in His creature, we start feeding on the glory of the creature. This is our undoing, our suppression of the truth, the beginning of unbelief in what is glorious in the arts.

Jason Harms


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