October 20, 2008 Ration

II Peter 2:18-19

“For speaking out arrogant words of vanity they entice by fleshly desires, by sensuality, those who barely escape from the ones who live in error, promising them freedom while they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by what a man is overcome, by this he is enslaved.”

There is a freedom in the arts that is promised by those who are in error. It is a freedom to indulge the desires of the flesh without consequence. It is a freedom to openly engage in what is sensual without effect. But their take on freedom is vain because they themselves are not free. Their pleasures are only fixes given by their master the devil. The devil is a pimp. The devil knows how to keep our flesh in bondage to him without locking a chain around our neck. All he has to do is encourage, breed, and then feed an addiction, suckering in another slave to corruption.

Our art culture is addicted to sensuality. When we discard the pleasures of God in sexuality for the pleasures of the flesh in sensuality, we are the ones who abandon freedom. Freedom from God is not freedom, but this is the devil’s oldest and most effective line. The physical pleasures in sexuality are really not even the issue. The issue is, as has always been, our prideful desire to be the one to decide how we will best enjoy what God has made pleasurable. Sensuality is just so sugary that it makes for easy bait for creatures of instinct.

Where the artistic world is so sure that freedom is found in the indulgence of fleshly desires, they evidence their enslavement, not their freedom. To freely consume that which corrupts will only assure your death, not your liberty. Artists, be wary of anyone who entices you to artistic freedom with the bait of fleshly desires and sensuality. They themselves are slaves of corruption.

One of the first things that corruption corrupts is the discerner. Without discernment, we are not able to tell the difference between a fruitful pleasure and a corrupting pleasure. Keep your discerner sharp against the stone of the word of God, artist. God’s word is your freedom. In His word we have all the support we need to freely enjoy all that God has made for our enjoyment. But the moment we listen to the false promises of slaves, of which the devil is one, we embark down the road of corruption.

An early sign that you are being enticed by a slave will be the vanity of their arrogant words. Slaves do not want to be seen enslaved so they speak loudly, even sweetly, hoping to appear free. Their feet cannot run so they let loose their tongues. But arrogant words are of the devil’s vernacular. Hear their enticements for what they are: the plea for a friend to corrode with.

Artists, in your artistry, do not be overcome by the desires of the flesh. Do not be overcome by sensuality. Do not be overcome by those who are addicted to corruption. Do not be overcome by error. Do not be overcome by promises of freedom that set you free from God. Do not be overcome by yourself. For by what you are overcome, by this you are enslaved.

Yet humble yourself, and be overcome by God. For in God you will find the true freedom that is designed for your enjoyment in the pleasures of artistic expression.

Jason Harms


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