March 31, 2008 Ration

Matthew 20:26b-28

“But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be your slave, even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

In the arts, there is much thought, much time, much energy, and so many resources spent on seeking “greatness,” however that is defined any given day, yet there is so little thought, time, energy, and resources invested in being truly great.

Jesus came to mankind not seeking “greatness” in the eyes of men. It was Christ’s pleasure to serve man the full greatness of God. In Christ’s service to man, by being the propitiation for man’s sinful state, man was enabled to enjoy the unplumbed greatness of God the Father! Christ, our Servant, is truly the greatest!

Artists, why fool around seeking a wasting degree of worldly greatness when God Almighty stands ready to enable you to be truly great? Serve one another with your artistry, don’t demand to be recognized and served. An artistic platform is another acreage by which we can work to serve the brothers and sisters that which will truly feed their souls. Farm it that way and God will call you great! Don’t be quickly suckered by the devil’s temptation to take this platform and seek with it a type of greatness that is only greatly selfish. This greatness benefits no one. Ask Eve. Seeking a personal greatness is the same line that the devil used on her (Genesis 3).

Why not be great, Artist? Instead of seeking greatness, why not just be great? Christ Himself tells us how. Serve one another today in your artistry and you will be great. Put yourself as another’s slave, and the Great God will call you great and first! Where you have some artistic expression that has the potential to bless others, bless them with it. Don’t seek your own greatness with it. As soon as we seek our own greatness we neglect to serve, and thereby never attain greatness.

Christ came to the theater of earth not to be served, but to serve. Artist, is this how your heart is set when you have the opportunity to present your artistry? If not, you will never be great, no matter how famous and wealthy you become. Christ was great, which He evidenced by His serving. Christ’s greatness, Christ’s sufficiency, Christ’s authority was the ground from which He served. It is also the ground from which you can serve. Since we are bankrupt, God has enabled us to serve one another out of Christ’s account, through faith, that the great servant Christ would be glorified as we enjoy His greatness by serving others ourselves.

Artists, enjoy the great pleasures that Christ enjoyed in serving you! Serve your brothers and sisters with your artistry. Christ says that you would then be great.

Jason Harms


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