September 22, 2008 Ration

John 1:3

“All things were made through [Christ], and without Him was not any thing made that was made.”

What an Author! What a title: Author of absolutely everything. What a Genius! Consider all that exists. And as you consider all that exists, then consider the Author of it all. There is no way of getting around the reality that Christ is the most amazing Author ever – without comparison!

“…Without [Christ] was not any thing made that was made,” says John. Artists, lets consider what this means as it relates to our pleasures with what we call the arts. Sound waves, light and all matter have been made which means that innumerable sounds, colors and textures exist. Clay, minerals, wood, fire, oils, plants, animals, water, temperature, the laws of physics that govern how everything works together, man, man’s mind, man’s muscles, man’s will, man’s senses that can observe and respond, man’s ingenuity to combine elements that exist, man’s soul that can express itself as it reacts with what exists…all these things have been made. All these things are the work of Christ. What a gallery the universe is!

Now, as we behold and enjoy the works of Christ in all of the universe, the question of greatest relevance is: do we behold and enjoy the Author of it all – Christ? Our favorite artists are works of Christ. Our favorite songs exist and have the effect on us that they do because of what Christ has brought into being from nothing. Our favorite paintings bring us pleasure because of how Christ has made our eyes, mind, and emotions to work together along with how Christ has made oil, pigments, and cotton to work together.

As artists, we “make” a song, or a film, or a dance, or a painting using things that Christ has already made. We study the properties of what Christ has created already, blend and arrange a few of these created things together, use them to put to image something that our invisible soul and mind are entertaining at the moment, give it to an observer, and take great pleasure in this whole process that we refer to as artistry. But do we take pleasure in Christ in any part of this process? For "without [Christ] was not any thing made that was made."

In the arts, we are very quick to give and demand recognition for what we make through copyrights, licenses, acknowledgments, etc. with one of the purposes being to give credit or honor to the author of the work. But to our great shame, we are even more quick to forget who they, that is, the artist and his artwork, are themselves the work of. Christ is the Author of all things!

In your enjoyment then of all things, artists, do not rob yourself of the pleasure of the fellowship with the Author of the works you delight in. Christ is the most accessible Author! There are no lines, no tickets, and no scheduling factors to contend with. He’s not a jerk, He doesn’t tire, and you have not remotely exhausted the portfolio of His fabulous works.

Enjoy Christ then for who He is: the Author of absolutely all that is made!

Jason Harms


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