July 28, 2008 Ration

Isaiah 26:10-11a

“Though the wicked is shown favor, he does not learn righteousness; he deals unjustly in the land of uprightness, and does not perceive the majesty of the Lord. O Lord, Thy hand is lifted up yet they do not see it.”

Artist, don’t be this person; one who does not perceive the majesty of the Lord in His favor towards you.

God’s favor is God’s favor to give as He wishes. He gives rain to the just and the unjust alike. He scatters pleasures for all to enjoy. But in our enjoyment of the favor of the Lord, do we perceive His majesty? Where might we be counted with the wicked, artists, as one who does not perceive, one who deals unjustly, or one who does not learn righteousness? Where do we enjoy the favor of God and yet do not enjoy the majesty of God? The majesty of the Lord is unparalleled. We must not fail to perceive it.

The majesty of the Lord is made known through every one of His creatures, every one of His works, every one of His decrees. It must be our ambition to perceive such majesty. God has lifted His hand where He has granted skill, imagination, strength, or discernment to a creature. It must be our intention to perceive as the Lord displays. All things are the handiwork of God. All things display the majesty of their Creator.

To perceive rightly means that one has accurately understood what another has displayed. When a painting is on display, a viewer takes the opportunity to try to perceive what the author was hoping to express through his work. An inability to accurately perceive may either be due to ignorance on the viewer’s part or incompetence on the displayer’s part. But where God is the Displayer, any inability of perception only falls to the fault of the ignorance of the viewer. God is never incompetent! And we hardly ever perceive the degree of majesty He displays.

Artists, God has shown you amazing favor in your life (be not shunted by all that you groan about). Perceive and enjoy the majesty of the Lord in it. God has shown you, in Himself, what righteousness truly is. Perceive and enjoy the majesty of the Lord. God has shown you in His Word how He deals with those who walk unjustly. Perceive and enjoy the majesty of the Lord. And, God has shown how He can open the hearts and eyes of any who do not yet perceive, but cry to Him for perception. O Lord, wherever your hand is lifted up, grant us eyes to see your majesty!

The majesty of the Lord is well displayed in the artists of the world. Is that what you perceive when you see and enjoy an artist? Do you perceive the majesty of God? All artists are His work and have been shown a measure of His favor. But artist, as you are God’s work and have been shown God’s favor, do you learn of righteousness and perceive God’s majesty, or do you run with the hearts of the wicked, claiming God’s majesty in you as your own? Do not make camp with such artists. The majestic fire of the Lord will consume all His adversaries (v.11b). Either way, the majesty of the Lord will be displayed, and eventually, clearly perceived by all.

O Lord, give us eyes to see and enjoy your majesty in the arts. For it was the lifting of Your hand that formed artistic expression, and it is Your hand that sustains every artist this day.

Jason Harms


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