August 25, 2008 Ration

II Timothy 3:4b

“…lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God…”

God is so pleasurable. Paul must not mean that there is no pleasure to be a lover of. God is Pleasure of pleasures. All things pleasurable are so because of Him. All things come from God, and from His pleasure He created all things.

“Rather than” is the key here. Artists, where we love what God has made to be pleasurable, and we do not love God for it and in it, we become classified as “lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.” When we enjoy all that He has made, and could care less about God Himself, we are considered “lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.” This is what we must not be in our artistry, artists. Let not your pleasures in your artwork be the end of your affections. God is the end of you, and God is the end of artistic expression. Let your pleasure be full then by enjoying all things to their sweetest end: your enjoyment in God.

Enjoy all that God has made pleasurable! He intends that you do. Everything that He has made illumines a bit more about how grand the scope of His glory is. Everything, including deserts, storms, and even demons. Now, God rules all these things, and many of these things will rule you if you do not respect your place in the spectrum of creation. Nevertheless, there are pleasures of God to be seen and enjoyed even in these, the ones whose worth we often question. And, there are plenty of ways that we approach pleasures that do not prove to edify. Sweet does not equal healthy. Pleasure not approached from faith does not equal edification. Be a lover of God, artist, and enjoy what God takes pleasure in as He rules this hard, incredible world.

Be a lover of God and you will be freed in the pleasures that you love. You will begin to see how all the things you delight in flow from the genius of God. “For from Him, through Him, and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever” (Romans 11:36). Paul wrote this too.

Artists, be careful. When God makes something pleasurable, it will be pleasurable in measure whether you approach it from faith or not. Faith is the necessary ingredient we must employ so that we do not whore with what God has given us to enjoy. Not some random, politician “faith.” Faith without an object is worthless. No, we need the faith that God gives us through the Holy Spirit that enables our eyes to see as He sees. The grandest joys will be known when they are enjoyed as God enjoys them – with Himself as the end.

Be a lover of God rather than a mere lover of pleasure, artist. A true lover of God will love all His many pleasures. May God’s pleasures in His creation woo you to your enjoyment of Him as you take pleasure in them. Don’t stop short, you will be branded a lover of pleasure rather than a lover of God.

Jason Harms


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