August 11, 2008 Ration

II Corinthians 6:3a

“We put no obstacle in anyone’s way, so that no fault may be found with our ministry…”

Paul goes to great lengths to make his gig free of debris. No obstacle will he lay in the way of knowing the pleasures of complete freedom. He will bear upon himself whatever weight would crush one's sprouting faith. He will forgo his own rights when necessary. He will absorb whatever flack flies due to the sowing of the beautiful truth. On his part, Paul is determined that where obstacles stand, they will not be present from any fault of his.

The enjoyment of the pleasure of the beauty of complete freedom in God is what is at stake. Why would Paul want to do anything that might hinder another’s securing the pinnacle of pleasure? Climb pleasure’s purest and highest peak and you will find its summit to be the footstool of God. God is the source of all pleasures. They all flow down from Him. So to avert any climber away from this summit trail is to lead them astray from the grandest views, the grandest pleasures.

With that said, this mountain of Truth is not free of its own obstacles? Paul’s obstacles and the Truth’s obstacles are not the same. In fact, they work quite differently from each other. Truth’s obstacles work to set us free as they press, force, push, break and humble us. But the only kinds of obstacles that Paul or any one of us would be able to place in another’s way would only work to discourage, distract, or disable one from reaching the pinnacle of Truth. Our obstacles can only hurt us, but Truth’s obstacles can only help us. Our obstacles weigh us down, while Truth’s obstacles liberate. Our obstacles are birthed from fear, sloth, and selfishness, while Truth’s obstacles are the evidence of its unequaled strength. Artists, fear not the obstacles of Truth, and never be an obstacle to the Truth.

There will be obstacles. Having no obstacles is not the truth. Those who point to an obstruction free path, sell you the latest traveling apparel, appear free of any evidence of exertion, find more pleasure in pointing out the way than they do in enjoying the way themselves are not climbing the right mountain. Do not follow their directions. Listen, rather, to those who understand Truth’s obstacles as walls to be scaled, not deterred by. Listen to the one who says, “Just bring your faith with you. Leave all your ways behind.”

Artists, put on Paul’s resolve in your artistic expressing and determine not to put an obstacle in anyone’s way. Let Truth be the one to present what some regard to be an obstacle. Truth’s obstacles are for our better pleasure. May another's greatest pleasures not be hindered by any fault of yours.

Jason Harms


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