September 24, 2007 Ration

Luke 19:40

“And [Jesus] answered and said, ‘I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!’”

The followers of Christ began praising God “joyfully with a loud voice for all the miracles which they had seen” (19:37) through Jesus. Some Pharisees did not like this praise to God for the works of grace and lovingkindness that God was doing through His Son because they did not understand and enjoy that God was the source of these miracles and blessings. They could not recognize the work of God, which proved where they were still ignorant in the glory of God, though they rigorously observed the law God.

Jesus gives a humbling and frightening response: “If man will not praise God for what He does, the stones will praise Him!” Jesus is declaring that praise to God will happen! If not by man, it will by stone. How does that humble you artists? Consider all the grace of God upon you in life and then consider the amount of praise to Him that has left your lips.

Consider this: a lump of mineral, which has no breath of life in it, and does not bleed, and cannot sing or paint or dance, and cannot take enjoyment, and has a zero intelligence quotient will cry out in praise to God for who He is if you do not. The presence, grace, power, compassion, mercy, lovingkindness, and sovereignty of God will be praised as it is worthy of being praised! Will it be by you, or do you forfeit the pleasure of praising God to a stone?

When God is gracious to you in establishing the works of your hands as He bids you to keep His artistic vineyard, do you praise Him for it? The stones you tread in the vineyard will praise Him if you fail to. When God gives you inspiration for a work, do you praise Him for it or do you claim the inspiration as coming from your own genius, apart from God? The rocks in your head will praise Him if you fail to. Every day, as you are a recipient of God’s provision for the needs of your body, do you praise Him for His compassion and lovingkindness towards you? The food and clothes themselves will praise Him if you fail to.

Be ignorant no more, artists. Be proud no more. Be selfish no more. Be jealous no more. Be enslaved no more. Rather, praise the Father and praise the Son for such demonstrations of His glory before you and upon you and through you to others. God is to be praised for everything you take enjoyment in because where anything is enjoyable, it is so by the wisdom and lovingkindness of God. I praise God for the pleasures in artistic expression!

Artists, are the stones at your feet going to beat you in praise to God for His grace towards you, or will you live up to being created in the image of God by speaking forth praise from your lips, demonstrating the glory that God has given to man over and against the stones of the field? May we never be out-cried by a stone again. Enjoy Christ your Maker, and praise Him much, for He is so worthy to be praised! “Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in Heaven and glory in the Highest!” (19:38).

Jason Harms


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