September 10, 2007 Ration

Galations 5:1

“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.”

There is a mind of the flesh that consistently strives towards a righteousness that is earned by the keeping of a type of law. Earned righteousness is a yoke of slavery! Christ will be of no benefit to that mind. Grace is not earned, grace is given. Our being able to stand before God as being righteous is a gracious act of God, granted to us by God through faith in Christ for what Christ accomplished in His complete righteousness, bloody sacrifice, and triumph over death! Christ has set us free to see and enjoy, as He does, the sovereign freedom of God the Father.

For freedom Christ has set us free to enjoy every member of the bride of Christ just as He created them. The other members of the bride may have totally different preferences, abilities, articulation, demeanor, and delivery of communication than I have. But if their cry is, and evidences before God to be: “Justification by faith in Christ alone for the forgiveness of sins,” then they are a fellow bride who is called, created, and groomed by God Himself for the glory of His Son. There is no room then for boasting, jealousy, favoritism, arrogance, posturing, comparison, or self-righteousness amongst the bride. Stand firm against such yokes of slavery, artists! The bride of Christ is not a club where the codes for membership are drawn up and voted upon by its members. God has fashioned, portioned, and purchased every member of this unique bride according to the freedom of His own will. God has not made some people and not others. God has made us all whether we are blind, deaf, mute, or dumb; artistic, athletic, a tradesman, or scholar. God will design a person just as He delights! And it is this, God’s freedom, that Christ has set us free to know.

As we view each other then, we must be looking for faith rather than looking for form where we look to see who may be a faithful, fellow bride. Since this freedom in Christ rules out all our boasting in our form, we can start to view, and better enjoy, every form of man for what it is; an endowment of God to that creature. Are we, in faith, approaching our fellow members of the bride of Christ with eyes that see as God sees? God sees in a person what He knew and desired to express through creating that person. And, God looks to the one who is "humble, contrite, and who trembles at His word." So, on our part, we must each be faithful in submitting ourselves to God just as He made us, but never to a yoke of man that acts to enslave us.

Two yokes of slavery that we often unknowingly submit to are Preference and Ignorance. Both preference and i
gnorance will tempt us to think that others need to look, act, speak, dress, and sound as we do. These are yokes of slavery! Whatever our die, we all need to be faithful to God who cast us. We did not make ourselves. Our yokes of tradition, where they are traditions of men and not doctrines of God, must be thrown off IF we are trusting in them in any way for our, or another’s, standing before God.

STAND FIRM ARTISTS, and do not submit again to the various yokes of slavery that the world, even the “Christian” world, puts ‘round their neck, hoping to flex their “righteous-strength” before God. God has already chosen and designed the bride for His Son.
Christ has set you free to roam and enjoy this freedom of God!

“For you were called to freedom, brethren; only do not turn your freedom into an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another” (5:13). Artists, close your eyes for a re-calibration, and from faith in Christ, pray that you would begin to see others as God sees them so that you might better serve your fellow bride in your preference of artistry, and learn of God through theirs.

Jason Harms


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