September 3, 2007 Ration

Ephesians 4:15-16

“Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into Him who is the head, into Christ, from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love.”

Artists, build your artistic ship around this ballast of “truth in love” for two reasons: the surety of your own ship, and the strength of the fleet with which you are designed to sail.

The strength of the fleet is determined by how wholly it is equipped. Christ is our head. He could not be better equipped! We, however, are very much lacking and are to grow up in every way into Christ. We are tossed around by every wind of imperfect pleasure because we know not how to sail against the wind. Where we cannot discern between the truth of the power of the wind and the truth of the direction of the wind, we will be blown around the sea ‘til the winds are amused with us no more; swamping us in one of the many lagoons of fools, cut off from the unity and love of the fleet.

So we must have discernment, artists! When the art culture winds blow in the cross direction of the cross of Christ, can you tell? Do you have your sextant fixed on the North Star so that when the winds begin to bend ever so slightly, you can correct your sails and rudder to stay on course with what is true?

If you are leading any portion of the fleet, your responsibility is that much greater! Which is why we must grow up in Christ who is the Pole of Truth. We must be so familiar with the truth of Christ, that when the S.S. Magnetism steams by with its cargo of lodestone, fooling our compass, we will not be suckered off course. There are many of these ships in the waters of the arts. We must not trust in the compasses we build to navigate these waters, as they are not the anchor. We employ the compass to help us find the anchor. The Pole of Truth is the true anchor by which we navigate our direction! We need to know this anchor of truth so well that the iron in our blood flows to its pull, even while the waters flow adverse.

When individually we are mature, well rehearsed, alert, and working properly, the fleet will be growing in maturity. And that is our individual responsibility within the fleet. When the time comes to publicly express the desires, direction, or motivation of the fleet to the other ships in the body, or to the territory through which it sails, or even to its potential adversary, those in the fleet responsible for communication better be well rehearsed in the truth, and have their translations and delivery set in love. The state of the fleet, of which they are a part, is immediately affected by it.

Artists, is the current state of your ship growing up in the truth and love and knowledge of the Son of God, or do you wander about and only play with the truth when you like the direction it takes you? Be mature. Be useful. Be a child no more. No longer be a slave to the winds of art culture. Speak nothing but that which is wholly true, and speak it in love. Others tend to listen to the artist's directions, be careful not to lead yourself and the fleet astray.

The winds of the truth of Christ are not cooling breezes only. Yes, He is gentle. But His tempests can drown any thrill-seeking clipper He builds. The truth of Christ will not disappoint no matter what your build. The truth of Christ will only liberate you to experience the full pleasure of God that God intended you to experience, and intended that you testify of before the body.

Artists, fear and enjoy the truth of Christ and know the pleasures found in a fleet that is well equipped!

Jason Harms


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