December 31, 2007 Ration

I Samuel 2:3

“Talk no more so very proudly, let not arrogance come from your mouth; for the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by Him actions are weighed.”

No more should we talk proudly. No more should an arrogant air be ours. No more should we work in pride. And no more should we fool ourselves, artists. The Lord God knows all the wells and pockets of our heart, against which He will weigh our actions. God will not be fooled by clever tongue or polished pitch. Pride and arrogance the Lord despises, but humility He loves.

Humility, then, we must know. Not a facade of humble countenance, but actual humility. A humility that embraces and enjoys the Lord’s portion and timing; a humility that never strives in its own strength; a humility that acknowledges its schoolyard tendencies and hunts instead for God’s superior knowledge; a humility from which all works are wrought; this humility every artist must know.

The Lord is a God of knowledge, which means that He knows all the masks of the faker. The proud and arrogant are posers, and posers are fools. Their posing is that they present their strength as being of themselves, and they may well believe it to be, but their very breath is supplied by God. The poser trembles not at this knowledge. He has suppressed this truth which makes him the fool.

The proud and arrogant will lift up their own name, but the Lord lifts the humble man’s higher. The proud and arrogant steam tirelessly for various riches, while the Lord sits the humble man with princes. The proud and arrogant position themselves over and against their brothers, while the Lord listens to the humble man’s prayers for their repentance and makes him inherit the seat of honor.

These are two different peoples altogether. One gives the aroma of a son of God while the other the stench of a son of the devil. Artist, grow in the knowledge of God and discern what you are. Is there any pride in your heart? Talk no more. Is there any arrogance on your lips? Shut your mouth. Then exert all your energies towards the eradication of these weeds from your heart. Exchange the clay of hard-heartedness for the favorable soil of humility and watch what flowers would bloom! Bring these fruits to the markets and see the scales of God tip for your enjoyment. Enjoyment is what you are after anyway, why not truly find it?

So let not arrogance or pride come forth from your lips, artist. Do you understand that even before your mouth gives birth to these foul twins, your heart has already conceived them? Conception always precedes birth. Who then is their father but the father of lies? These children of the devil must be pulled from their incubation beds. Cuddle them not, they are not sweet. Nurse them no more, for they are parasites only. You must aseptify the nurseries of your heart with the knowledge of God if you ever hope to know the joy of humble Hannah.

Artist, whatever your lot, your actions will be weighed by the discerning God of all knowledge. God knows your lot, He gave it to you. If you have much by His hand, it is for your boasting in the strength of God’s abundant provision. If you have little by His hand, it is for your boasting in the strength of God’s timely salvation. There is no room in your lot for boasting in yourself, artist. So let not your mouth be a gate for such wind.

Jason Harms


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